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Utilizing a family-centered approach, such as divorce mediation, means that you have an impartial third-party who will meet with both of you, and help to mediate a fair and informed agreement, should you be headed for a separation, divorce, or even a post-divorce disputes that need to be resolved.

When you are dealing with disputes through divorce mediation to resolve your relationship or other disputes, you are not only dealing with legal issues, but also emotional ones, as well. A skilled divorce mediator can provide you with a neutral and safe setting for both of you to communicate with each other, and resolve your case with fairness, and the best interests of your family. Our New York City and North Jersey based divorce mediators specialize in helping you achieve your goals through the divorce mediation process.

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Utilizing Zoom, our New York City and New Jersey based mediators and attorneys are able to virtually meet with you to help you reach a mutual agreement for the terms of ending your relationship. This is a collaborative process based on empathy, understanding, informed decision making, and success in keeping your stress to a minimum.

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When using the collaborative divorce process to resolve how to best end your marriage, each party is represented by a separate attorney specifically trained to work in the Collaborative Divorce model and is committed to utilize this process to advocate for their clients while helping the couple terminate their relationship in a non-confrontational, and problem solving approach.

Collaborative divorce does not include any litigation or being adjudicated in court. Our New York City and New Jersey Collaborative Divorce Lawyers specialize in helping our clients divorce in a cooperative manner in order to address the needs and concerns of all family members.

The collaborative divorce process might be a great solution for you.

A prenuptial agreement or “prenup” is a legal agreement between two people who intend to get married.

In a prenup, you typically address concerns like finances and how they are to be decided in the case of a divorce or death.

It is important to consider having a professionally drafted prenup before you are married.

It is human nature that relationships tend to have some form of conflict, and they tend to happen when you feel very deeply for each other.

However, conflicts are not always a “bad” or negative issue. Dealing with differences can really be a way to grow collectively together and deepen your relationship.

More information about relationship mediation is available for you on our website.

If you choose to engage in a mediated divorce, it is often wise to also have a consulting attorney that provides an added level of protection and guides you through the legal issues that you need to be aware of in your divorce mediation process.

When you utilize a consulting attorney to support you in the mediation process, as all of our New York and New Jersey attorneys are seasoned mediators, you can be rest assured that your best interests are protected.

Anytime you need mediation of a conflict that involves an elder in your family, or a dispute with other family members, it must be handled with care and respect to both the relationships you have and the issues that you face. We are able to provide you with a neutral third party New Jersey and New York City based attorney-mediator who will provide you with a safe and neutral environment to help your family, especially your elders, make informed and smart decisions, whether it involves their care, finances, health, or the quality of their lives,

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Anytime you have a situation at your job that requires workplace mediation, it is handled confidentially, and with discretion. In this process, a neutral and voluntary process, in which our New York and New Jersey mediators will assist you in resolving your existing conflict.

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Conflict with a family member can be quite sensitive, and when resolving it, you want to make sure that you do so with as much diplomacy as possible. The challenge is to balance the value of preserving the relationship on one hand while addressing the underlying conflict on the other.

Learn how our New York and New Jersey mediators are highly qualified to help you resolve conflicts with family members can help you though any family business that is causing you, or your family any conflicts.

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Mediation and Collaborative Law Services in New Jersey and New York

Lasting, Cost-effective, Respectful

Conflict is inevitable. No matter how we would prefer to avoid conflict it always seems to find its way in our personal and business lives. Berner Law & Mediation Group was founded with the unique focus of helping individuals and families in conflict reach resolutions together, in a problem-solving way, instead of against each other, in a destructive way. Whether in the context of divorce (our primary focus), other family, family business or workplace disputes, our client-centered approach seeks to create a safe and trusting space to get the information you need and engage in the dialogue necessary to reach mutually acceptable resolutions.

Your Values = Our Values, Your Priorities = Our Priorities

  • In a trusting environment, we help you create your own agreements based on your mutual needs and goals, as well as those of your children.

  • Clients decide on their future with each other, not against each other.

  • We provide an informed and problem-solving framework, not an adversarial battleground.

Mediation is a private process where a mediator, who is a neutral third-party, is formally trained to identify and understand legal issues and to facilitate and to structure negotiations between the parties. The goal is to try to resolve the parties’ dispute. While courts can mandate that certain cases go to mediation, the process remains “voluntary” in that the parties are not required to come to agreement.

Even if you have already tried to talk it out or negotiate with the other party, a mediator can help you and the other party listen to each other and keep you focused. A mediator is there to help both sides communicate and explore possible solutions. If you and the other party get stuck, the mediator can sometimes help restart the conversation in a new way and help everyone take another step forward.

With two convenient offices in New York City (midtown Manhattan) and Hackensack, New Jersey, in the center of Bergen County, we provide client-centered services with flexible schedules and convenient offices for our New York and New Jersey clients.

Contact Berner Law and Mediation Group today at one of our offices to see how we can best help with your situation.

Why Mediation Is Beneficial To You

By resolving your case at mediation, you not only avoid the financial and emotional cost of going to trial, but you also get to decide your own destiny. Rather than leaving the important decisions up to a judge to decide, parties in mediation can come to their own agreement, after entertaining lots of options and talking them through. By resolving your case in a confidential environment, without trial, you are able to avoid having to expose intimate details about your family and personal life in a public court room and in public court records.

Mediation is:

  • Effective– People work out their own agreements with the mediator’s help, whether you are represented by an attorney or unrepresented (Pro-Se).

  • Quick – Mediation will take less time than litigation. Often cases are resolved in a matter of hours, rather than years, like in litigation.

  • Satisfying – It puts you in direct contact with the other party and ensures all documents are exchanged prior to mediation. You participate in finding a solution and avoid the stress that accompanies a court battle. When you come up with your own solution, you can feel better about the outcome without guilt, blame or remorse.

  • Empowering –Because a skilled and experienced mediator is assisting you reach your own solutions, you are the master of your own destiny throughout the mediation process. So you are free from feeling coerced, pressured or intimidated by savvy attorneys or an insensitive court.

  • Affordable – Costs associated with a mediation is usually just the mediator’s time. Which will be less than paying for the fees and cost of an attorney for both sides.

Choosing the Process That is Right for You

Is mediation or collaborative law right for you? You have choices and should be making informed decisions. We invite you to explore the information on this site to help you clarify your choices and determine which process makes the most sense for you. That is what our services are all about.

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We understand that every set of circumstances, no matter how similar in fact, differ because of the parties involved. So it is our stance that we work diligently to assist with the crafting of a resolution that fits the needs and desires of the mediation participants.

Of course, we understand that it is not always possible to satisfy all interests involved in a dispute. In such circumstance, we employ an artful and in-depth approach focused on helping the parties find common ground and reach an amicable compromise. Through patience, persistence and diligence, creative resolution alternatives are possible.

The Berner Law & Mediation Group is a uniquely focused law practice to offer you a number of advantages over traditional ways of divorcing, among them cost-effectiveness, durability, and a process that promotes respect instead of prolonging hostility. Call us today to see how our services can help you.


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