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Mediation and Collaborative Law Services in New Jersey and New York

Lasting, Cost-effective, Respectful

Berner Law & Mediation Group was founded with the unique focus of helping individuals and families in conflict reach resolutions together, in a problem-solving way, instead of against each other, in a destructive way.  Whether in the context of divorce (our primary focus), other family, family business or workplace disputes, our client-centered approach seeks to create a safe and trusting space to get the information you need and engage in the dialogue necessary to reach mutually acceptable resolutions.

Your Values = Our Values, Your Priorities = Our Priorities

  • In a trusting environment, we help you create your own agreements based on your mutual needs and goals, as well as those of your children.

  • Clients decide on their future with each other, not against each other.

  • We provide an informed and problem-solving framework, not an adversarial battleground.

With two convenient offices in New York City (midtown Manhattan) and Hackensack, New Jersey, in the center of Bergen County, we provide client-centered services with flexible schedules and convenient offices for our New York and New Jersey clients. Contact Berner Law and Mediation Group today.

Choosing the Process That is Right for You

Is mediation or collaborative law right for you? You have choices and should be making informed decisions. We invite you to explore the information on this site to help you clarify your choices and determine which process makes the most sense for you. That is what our services are all about.

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The Berner Law & Mediation Group is a uniquely focused law practice to offer you a number of advantages over traditional ways of divorcing, among them cost-effectiveness, durability, and a process that promotes respect instead of prolonging hostility.

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Collaborative Divorce: Coming Apart, Together

Concluding chapter written by Adam Berner. Learn about a divorce process that nurtures respect and understanding, instead of prolonging hostility. Get better results while spending less money and time.

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