Prenup Mediation (or Postnup)

A prenuptial agreement (often called a “prenup”) is a written agreement between two people who intend to get married.

A prenup typically addresses how financial matters between the parties will be addressed in the event of a separation or divorce. While prenups are not necessary for all couples, they may be quite helpful for many, especially for those entering a second marriage or marrying later in life. In many cases, the discussions leading up to a prenup can clarify each person’s expectations from the marriage and help the couple start their life together from a place of collaboration and transparency.

In some cases, this conversation, though necessary, can be challenging and uncomfortable. Participating in a prenup mediation to discuss financial issues prior to a marriage can help a couple reach an agreement in a setting that is both respectful of each person’s present and future circumstances, and takes into consideration the concerns and priorities of both parties.

Mediating prenups offers the couple the opportunity to work together, be transparent, understand each other and have difficult conversations revolving around finances. These are essential skills for a successful marriage.


Postnup mediation is not much different and provides many of the same benefits, albeit during the marriage.

Studies show that finances are often the biggest stressor in a relationship. Being married doesn’t mean that financial worries are gone. Mediating a postnup can help both spouses feel more secure in the relationship knowing that their future is taken care of. Postnup mediation allows for the couple to discuss their concerns and plan for the future from a place of transparency and trust. Contact Prenup and Postnup Mediation Attorneys today.

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