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Conversation about Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce with Teaneck, NJ Deputy Mayor

Do I need a lawyer if I am mediating my divorce?

Many people go to mediation to avoid going to lawyers. However, the right kind of lawyer and the right use of that lawyer can be very helpful and supportive of the mediation process. Find out more about the how and when you should have a lawyer to support you in the divorce mediation process.

Introduction to Berner Family Law & Mediation Group

Learn more about our unique collaborative family law and divorce mediation practice of the Berner Family Law & Mediation Group.

With two convenient offices in New York City (midtown Manhattan) and North New Jersey, in the center of Bergen County, we strive to provide client-centered service with flexible schedules and convenient offices for our New York and New Jersey clients.

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How to speak with my spouse about getting divorced?

Advice how to speak to your spouse about divorce. Provides an actual script and strategy how to best present the idea of divorce to a spouse to help set the right tone for the best result.

Can I get divorced during Quarantine and the Pandemic

With NY and NJ court closing or limited court availability, find out the best way of moving forward with divorce. Learn about the stages of divorce and where the court comes in and what you can do on your own to save time and money.

What are the benefits of Divorce Mediation?

Learn the benefits and value of divorce mediation and why you should choose mediation over a different processes to get divorced in New York and New Jersey.

Can I prevent my co-parent from seeing my child with a greater health risk during this Pandemic?

Covid-19 has brought many challenging questions for divorced parents in how to best balance parenting time, relationships and health risks. How should these tensions be resolved? Is there a place for unilateral action, especially with what is at stake?

What is the Role of Law in Mediation and in the Collaborative Divorce Process?

Understand how the law impacts the divorce process in mediation and Collaborative Family law. Does the law have to be followed? Do the parties have the right to make their own decisions without looking to the law?

What topics need to be addressed in a divorce?

Divorce can be overwhelming… so much to think about. On a basic level, there are a limited number of topics and issues that have to be addressed to reach a comprehensive and responsible agreement. Learn about what those topics are so that you are prepared to discuss and resolve what those issues are.

Where do you start when you decided to get divorced?

Divorce can be overwhelming. Learn about what steps there are to get divorced and what choices you have available to try to achieve the best divorce for you and your family. How you start your divorce process typically determines how it ends. So learning about the best way to start will have a definite impact on your divorce.

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