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Our Unique Approach

Berner Law & Mediation Group was founded with the unique focus of helping individuals and families in conflict reach resolutions together, in a problem-solving way, instead of against each other, in a destructive way. We are a uniquely focused law practice to offer you several advantages over traditional ways of divorcing, among them cost-effectiveness, durability, and a process that promotes respect instead of prolonging hostility.

Whether in the context of divorce (our primary focus), other family, family business or workplace disputes, our client-centered approach seeks to create a safe and trusting space to constructively engage in dialogue and perspective taking. We also conduct a financial and legal analysis, where applicable, in order to provide a deeper understanding of each side and the financial and legal reality they face. This helps to make informed and optimal decisions of how to best move forward in their lives.

Our Philosophy

Adam Berner, the founder of our firm, was one of the first lawyers in the New York and New Jersey area to practice Alternative Dispute Resolution. He saw families get ripped apart by divorce and other conflicts that went through the court system. He knew there had to be a better way.

Adam built a practice that places clients first, recognizing that divorce has many dimensions—legal, emotional, psychological, and parental when children are involved. He built a team who maintain those same values. Our team is made of people who believe the work we do is crucial because a courtroom is not the place to resolve family issues. Our practice creates a trusting environment that facilitates conversation between divorcing spouses and other disputing parties, encouraging them to understand the facts of the situation, address each other’s priorities, and take charge of shaping their futures through mediation and collaborative law.

Berner Law & Mediation Group–Your Values = Our Values

In a trusting environment, we help you create your own agreements based on your mutual needs and goals, as well as those of your children.

Clients decide on their future with each other, not against each other.

We provide an informed and problem-solving framework, not an adversarial battleground.

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