Child Custody and Parenting Law and Mediation in New York and New Jersey

man woman and their two children walking along stone path in front of the oceanWhen a couple in the process of ending their marriage, protecting the best interests of the children should be the most important issue for each. Unfortunately, because divorce can be such an emotional time, it is not always easy for the divorcing spouses to find common ground as to what exactly those best interests are.

No matter what the circumstances are in the dispute with the parent of your child, it is important to know your rights and options and have the guidance to help you reach the best parenting arrangement for you and your children. Deciding where a child will reside and who will make important decisions on behalf of your child can be critical for your role as a parent.

Due to the emotionally-charged nature of child custody issues, and the fact that your children’s lives will be greatly affected by these decisions, it is essential to deal with these matters with the support and guidance of a knowledgeable attorney. At Berner Law & Mediation Group, we will stand with you and guide you through the legal process to ensure you know your rights and the best interests of your children are looked out for. 

Determining What Is Best For The Child

Child custody is the determination of a parenting plan that’s best for the child. This determination is based on what’s best for the child and what is realistic for the parents. Every family is different and therefore every custody plan will be different.

It’s not just about where the child will live or when each parent gets to spend time with him. The agreement will also determine how decisions will be made regarding different aspects of the child’s life and how the agreement will change and adapt as the child grows up.

A couple’s plan can determine the parenting dynamic the parents have with each other and the number of disagreements throughout their co-parenting life. A well thought out and well-written plan can pave the path to a successful relationship between co-parents following a divorce.

Things To Consider In Child Custody And Parenting

Although divorce puts an end to your marriage, it does not end your rights and obligations as a parent. During the divorce process, both parents must reorganize how they will care for their children. Our attorney will work with you to obtain a comprehensive parenting plan which will include:

  • Appropriate time-sharing schedules to fit your child’s school schedule and your work schedule
  • Designation of appropriate child care providers (if necessary)
  • Additional holidays and events relevant to your family
  • The right of first refusal, if desired
  • Travel considerations for long distance cases

Parenting Time Schedule

The parenting time schedule includes details of the designated time each parent will spend with the child. The schedule should always be made with the child’s needs first– emotional, social, mental, and physical. It may be helpful to have the schedule laid out in a calendar so each parent can see when it is their time to spend with their child.

Physical And Legal Child Custody In New Jersey And New York

These types of cases involve both physical and legal custody of a child. 

  • Physical custody, also known as residential custody, is where the child resides, and
  • Legal custody entails the decision-making process for the parents (right to decide educational preferences, religious practices, medical treatment and extracurricular activities.)

As for physical, there are a variety of configurations that may be tailored to suit the unique circumstances of each particular case. The different forms include: 

  • Sole physical custody: the child lives primarily with one parent and the other parent may be granted parenting time and visitation
  • Joint physical custody: the child lives and spends time equally with both parents

Shared physical custody: one parent is given the responsibility for the child’s primary residence and the other parent’s home is considered the child’s alternate residence, with visitation divided up according to a parenting schedule.

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Matters of parenting and timesharing are too important to leave up to the other parent or the court to decide. Custody arrangements are often the most contested and difficult family law matters that divorce attorneys handle on a regular basis. The state of New Jersey and New York take these cases very seriously, which is why it is crucial to work with our experienced New Jersey child custody lawyers or mediators to determine an arrangement that is best for you and your children. 

At Berner Law & Mediation Group, we also understand that your children are your priority and we will help you reach resolutions that are consistent with your priorities. Our experienced lawyers and mediators will do everything possible to minimize your stress and achieve an arrangement that suits you and your children.

Make sure your voice is heard and well-represented by a dedicated and experienced collaborative divorce attorney. Contact our office today to discuss your options. We will take the time to fully understand and analyze all the issues in the case in order to best represent you. 

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