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In business, there are ofen conflicts amongst employees and management. These conflicts are often resolved through informal mediation. However, when there is a conflict over something that impacts the entire organization, a disagreement over the direction of the organization or resource allocation, this kind of organizational conflict can either hinder the business or offer a chance for improvement. If these types of conflict go unresolved, the organization can suffer a lot of negative outcomes as a result.

Organizational conflict consists of disagreements by individuals or groups within the organization, which can center on factors ranging from resource allocation and divisions of responsibility to the overall direction of the organization. A common example of organizational conflict occurs when workers advocate for higher pay and the business owner or management wants pay levels to remain the same.

Formal organizational mediation can help resolve these issues. This process gives everyone a chance to voice their issues and concerns and delineate the underlying causes of those concerns which can help them to be heard and to resolve the conflict in a peaceful way.

Causes Of Organizational Conflict

Unclear Expectations

It is the responsibility of an employee to meet the expectations of his direct boss, but if those expectations are unclear, conflict may occur. Managers should ensure they are clearly communicating their goals to their employees. A manager should also encourage employees to ask questions about their goals, and hold regular meetings and/or check-in to discuss ongoing goals and how best to reach them.

<H2> Failure In Communication

Sometimes, information between departments may not be relayed accurately and a conflict can arise. Some interdepartmental disagreements might trigger a nonresponsive attitude that can quickly become an internal conflict.

Another way of creating this sort of conflict is by giving a circular response such as an issue being perpetually “under review.” When people or departments delay responding to information requests, or withhold some information intentionally, it is best to address the situation immediately with a personal meeting with both sides to resolve the situation and make sure it does not continue to grow.

Misunderstanding Information

Organizational conflict can sometimes arise as the result of a simple misunderstanding. One person may misunderstand information that can then trigger a series of conflicts. When this situation occurs, it is best to have the person admit their misunderstanding and work with the affected parties to remedy the situation. For example, if the production manager misunderstands the product manufacturing goals, then the sales manager may not have enough product to now sell. Taking responsibility for a mistake can quickly defuse a potential organizational conflict.

Lack Of Accountability

Organizational conflict might arise from frustration. One source of frustration is a lack of accountability. If something has gone wrong, and no one is willing to take responsibility for the problem, this lack of accountability may begin to permeate throughout the entire company until the issue is resolved. One way to combat a lack of accountability is to have anyone who comes into contact with a document sign his name to it and include the date. The paper trail may sometimes find the source of the problem, which can then be addressed.

How Mediation Can Help Your Organizational Conflict

Mediation is designed to assist the groups involved to discuss the issues that are creating division and loss of team cooperation, leading them to reach agreements on the issues for improved work and collaboration in the future.  The participants

  • seek an understanding of each other’s positions and interests
  • explore and address each party’s contribution to the dispute
  • lead to personal reconciliation, and
  • explore and evaluate solutions to the dispute

The mediation process is designed to promote constructive dialogue and encourage a voluntary settlement of the parties’ differences.

Call Berner Law & Mediation Group To Help Mediate Your Organizational Conflict

Conflict within organizations can be extraordinarily costly: low morale, unhappy stakeholders, wasted resources and projects falling apart. Left unchecked, conflicts can fester, cause major dysfunction, and prevent an organization from achieving its potential. There’s huge value in taking a proactive approach to conflicts and disputes — before they lead to grievances and lawsuits.

Organizations are responsible for creating a work environment that enables people to thrive. If disagreement and differences of opinion escalate into conflict then the organization must intervene immediately. 

If you are dealing with a conflict in your New Jersey or New York business organization, call our office to see how we can help. An expert mediator will work with you to determine your goals and needs, what our role and mandate should be, and what kind of mediation process is most suitable for you and your organization.

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