Who Pays for the Divorce Mediation?

Unlike attorneys hired by each party during divorce mediation, a divorce mediator serves both parties. Therefore, in most cases, spouses are expected to cost-share the expenses on a 50-50 basis. Other options could be: Further facts about Hackensack, NJ can be found here.

  • The total income of the parties could determine the payment;
  • The parties might decide to cover the cost of the payment using a co-owned asset. The asset’s value should be equal to the service fee charged by the mediator;
  • One of the parties might decide to cover the total cost of the mediation process, and the other party’s payment to be deducted from the ultimate settlement. 
  • One of the parties agrees to pay for the whole mediation process or a greater share of it. 

Both mediating parties must agree on the payment formula before a mediation process starts. Regardless of how the parties will agree to pay for the process, the mediation fee should be paid before or after each session.  Information about Top 3 Misconceptions on Divorce Mediation can be found here.


Mediation costs vary with mediators. Well established and experienced mediators might charge highly per session. In many instances, mediator fees are paid at an hourly rate. Mediators might also request to be paid for the time spent while preparing for the mediation. 

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