Top 3 Misconceptions on Divorce Mediation

You might benefit more if you chose to mediate your divorce than using traditional divorce methods. Divorce mediation is less costly and less stressful. However, some people get misguided about the process. Here are three common misconceptions concerning divorce mediation. Visit this link for more information.

Mediation can’t Solve High-conflict Cases

Most people think that divorce mediation is only applied in amicable situations. They believe that finding solutions concerning property and children might be hard if they are not on good terms with their spouses. It could be true that highly conflicting parties may not sit down to discuss issues due to emotions. However, it is the role of a professional mediator to ensure that the parties sit down to discuss important issues and solve them. Read about What is Divorce Mediation here. 

A Divorce Mediator Decides for you

Some people confuse a divorce mediator with a judge. This is not the case. During the mediation process, the mediator allows both parties time to express themselves and make decisions. A mediator is not a decision-maker but a neutral third party who offers legal advice to the parties looking forward to divorce.

You don’t need a Lawyer during the Divorce Mediation

During the mediation process, a mediator may only provide you with important information to solve your conflicts. During the mediation process, each of the parties may be needed to accompany their lawyers during the mediation sessions to help in decision making. 

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