What is Divorce Mediation?

Ending a long-term relationship is not easy. It might come along with serious physical, emotional, or psychological impacts. However, parties involved in a divorce can choose to do it amicably through divorce mediation. More about Hackensack, NJ can be seen here.

Divorce mediation is a process that involves a third party (divorce mediator) to make decisions during divorce. The divorce mediator advises both parties during scheduled divorce meetings to help them choose what can be best for them. During the mediation process, issues covered may include: Click here to read about Essential Questions to Ask Before Beginning Divorce Mediation.

  • Property distribution
  • Parenting
  • Child support


With the help of the mediator, parties seeking divorce agree on the above issues. The agreement could be made quickly or hardly depending on the parties. The mediator might be required to give contribution when agreements are hard to find. However, throughout the process, mediators should be neutral. They should not advise either party. 

Divorce mediation voluntary. As such, it should only happen if the spouses agree to meet the mediator. It is not a one-day activity. Mediators might arrange weekly or monthly meetings, at a time suitable for both partners to negotiate resolutions.

Unlike a divorce that happens in courts, divorce mediation is a confidential and flexible process. It allows you and your ex-to-be spouse to solve your issues in a way that won’t affect your kids intensely. 

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