Essential Questions to Ask Before Beginning Divorce Mediation

Why Consider Mediation?

You might be required to weigh the benefits of divorce mediation over other methods of divorce. Taking divorce matters to court can end up displeasing, while through divorce mediation, you might avoid any unnecessary scenes resulting from divorce.  Information can be found here.

What Happens during Divorce Mediation?

It is good to understand the divorce mediation process. You should know that the mediation process will be guided by a third party known as a divorce mediator. The mediators listen to every party before they explain how divorce laws work. He doesn’t help the couple in decision making. He only makes them realize if what they both want could be the best option.  See here for information about Steps to Take Before a Divorce Mediation.


How do I choose a divorce mediator?

Consult on factors that make up a good divorce mediator before settling for one. You might read reviews from the mediator’s site or base them on references from previous clients. Good mediators are well trained and professional. 

Are there Co-owned Assets being divided?

Do you own any property or financial accounts with your partner? If available, how will they be divided? Collect any documents that prove ownership of your common assets. 

Do I still need a Lawyer?

A divorce mediator might not provide you with all the legal services needed through the divorce process. Sometimes, mediators might advise both parties to bring their lawyers during the mediation sessions. 

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