Types of divorce mediation

Facilitative mediation

Facilitative mediation is also known as traditional mediation. A professional mediator facilitates the parties in a conflict to negotiate. The mediator recommends that the disputants reach an agreement voluntarily on their own rather than making decisions or recommendations. Clicking here will deliver more on Hackensack, NJ.

Count-mandated mediation

In many cases, divorce mediation is voluntary. However, the court may give a mandate for mediation to promote cost-efficient and speedy settlement.  Information about Tips for working with a divorce mediator can be found here.


Transformative mediation

Transformative divorce mediation is meant to empower disputants and encourage them to consider each other’s interests and needs. This type of mediation aims at transforming the disputing parties and strengthening their relationship.

Evaluative mediation

In evaluative mediation, mediators express their feelings by making suggestions, opinions, and recommendations concerning the dispute. Evaluative divorce mediation is mostly applied in the court-mandated type of mediation. Mostly, evaluative mediators are attorneys who are legal experts in the mediation process and dispute solving.


In e-mediation, mediation services are provided online. The mediator provides services to disputants that are far apart or disputants who cannot be in one room due to the strength of their conflict. E-mediation is one of the best types of divorce mediation because there is limited disturbance or distraction from a third party. Google hangouts and online video streaming services like skype are used to facilitate mediation.

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