Tips for working with a divorce mediator

Be willing to compromise.

In order to reach an agreement, you should be willing to compromise during the mediation process. The process of divorce raises bad feelings that can make the mediation process worse, especially when couples are not willing to compromise. Learn more facts here.

Control your emotions

Occasionally, emotions are unproductive during the mediation process. The process may be costly in terms of money and time since the agreement cannot be reached when the emotions of the parties are high. Read about Tips for choosing the best divorce mediator here.


Prepare a financial list

It’s important to formulate a list of all items you and your spouse have along with your debts before seeking mediation services. It is good to know everything you own. This helps you to get what you want during the mediation period.

Decide on your highest priorities

During the divorce mediation period, you are required to identify your priorities. Knowing your priorities during the mediation process will assist you in making compromises on less important things.

Write down concerns

Writing down concerns you have will assist you in recalling important issues during the mediation process. Having a list will help you address the concerns fully. Issues concerning children will be addressed when you have written down your concerns.

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