Stages of divorce mediation

Introductory stage

This is the first stage of divorce mediation. In this stage, the mediator works with spouses to lay the foundation of the process of mediation. The mediator is given the background information about the existing situation. The mediator gives detailed information on how the process will be conducted. Discover more about Hackensack, NJ here.

Information gathering stage

The mediator and both parties need to be fully informed for the mediation process to be successful. The information-gathering stage involves the collection of facts about the case. However, if the available information is insufficient, the mediator may use personal skills and knowledge to do the mediation process. Discover facts about the Roles of divorce mediators

Framing stage

This stage involves the mediator giving each spouse equal chances of outlining the reasons for wanting specific outcomes. In this stage, the interests of each spouse are considered.

Negotiating stage

In this stage, the acceptable settlement is negotiated. The process begins with exploring possible options. The mediator initiates discussion and evaluating options by spouses. There is also a final combination of options that involves concessions and compromises on both sides.

Concluding stage

This is the final stage of divorce mediation. The settlement agreement is written and given to both parties to review with their respective advisers. Many mediators prepare written settlement agreement forms to be filed in the court.


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