Roles of divorce mediators


In divorce mediation, the mediator helps to make arrangements for an introductory meeting. The mediator also contacts the parties. More facts can be seen here.


The divorce mediator gives other conflict resolution methods, explains the components of the mediation, gives options that help in the resolution of conflicts. Learn more about Elements of a successful divorce mediation consultation.

Communication facilitator

The divorce mediator ensures that every party is given the required attention during the mediation process.


The divorce mediator helps to rephrase and reframe communications to make them easily received and understood by each party.

Questioner and clarifier

During divorce mediation, the mediator investigates issues and confirms agreements to ensure that both the mediator and the participants understand fully.

Process advisor

Divorce mediators are trusted to give procedures and directions during the mediation process. Divorce mediators play a big role in caucus meetings, consulting outside counsel, and substantive experts.


In divorce mediation, the mediator stimulates the parties to reach an agreement as early as possible. The mediator achieves this by giving out reference points, stimulation of new perspectives, and providing options for considerations.

Responsible detail person

In any mediation process, the mediator implements the agreement between parties, helps in writing the agreement of parties, manages and keeps the necessary records. 

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