Elements of a successful divorce mediation consultation

Standardize your consultation

It is important to document topics you need to cover during the mediation process, even if you already have them in your mind. The checklist offers a source of reference during your divorce mediation consultation. The checklist ensures you have touched on every part of the issues you need to consult. Information concerning Hackensack, NJ can be discovered here.

Clients want guidance from the beginning

In many cases, clients have never participated in the mediation process before. They don’t have an overview of expectations, which commonly reflects in standards questions that dominate consultation. It is good for the mediator to answer the standard questions basing on default understanding instead of burdening the clients to answer. Answering questions on behalf of clients will make them comfortable and at ease. By doing this, you will also be established as a trusted professional. Information about Core’s values of divorce mediation can be found here.


Supplement with handouts

With a standardized process, it is easy to prepare a list that guides the divorce mediation process. Much of the materials can be made available in document form, which clients appreciate. The standardized handout material includes; checklist of documents, a list of topics to be covered, and descriptions of the filing process. These materials are valuable to clients, and they are not costly.

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