Questions to Ask Your Mediator at the Initial Stages

Since the chances are that you may not know the divorce mediator at the onset stages, it would be an excellent idea to understand if they can really help you. One way to do this successfully is to ask the right questions about the divorce and the mediation process before you give it a final okay. Some of the top questions to ask are. More about Hackensack, NJ can be seen here.

What are your qualifications?

Being a lawyer is an important qualification but doesn’t assure that the mediator has the background and experience to deal with the diverse degrees of emotions endemic to divorce. Therefore, consider choosing a mediator who also has the education, training, and life experiences to help you (and your spouse) progress further through the anger, sadness, and other stages of grief virtually everyone encounters during a divorce. Information about Elements Divorce Mediators Use to Determine Successful Divorce Mediation can be found here.

Do you still practice divorce litigation along with mediation?

Wearing two hats – that of both divorce litigator and divorce mediator – is likely difficult for a mediator to manage. Despite his or her best intentions, a mediator who still litigates divorces in the court system is apt to slip into the role of combatant, unwittingly causing needless divisiveness and disagreements plus extra time and expense.

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