Elements Divorce Mediators Use to Determine Successful Divorce Mediation

As a process to solving divorce cases, mediation has grown in popularity for several reasons. It’s significantly less costly than other assisted alternatives. It empowers couples to control their own destiny and make decisions that best serve them and their children (instead of relinquishing the control to attorneys, court masters, and judges). It creates less emotional damage to all involved.  Nonetheless, the mediators consider some of these critical elements to a successful mediation. Information can be found here.


It is often the case that one spouse is way ahead of the other in calling it quits. If both spouses aren’t ready to dissolve the marriage, discuss the distribution of assets, or deal with custody issues, then the process is crippled before it even gets started. Read about Instances Where Divorce Mediators Can Recommend Virtual Sessions here. 

Openness to Options

A good mediator will educate the couple about alternatives to settlement options regarding asset division, support, and custody issues.

Full Disclosure

Your mediator can only incorporate the information you share with her. Key information includes what you envision as your needs and wants for your future apart and all income, assets, and liabilities.

Sufficient Time

Don’t let anyone rush you into an agreement you’re not ready for. Yes, in litigation, there’s a clock running, but not in mediation! Take time to consider your options and make a decision that you won’t regret in the future!

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