Issues Divorce Mediators Solve

Mediation can handle any of the issues that might come up in your divorce. The mediator will require the divorcing spouses to agree to settle their conflicts with their help as a neutral party. Generally, divorce mediators can help couples solve an array of issues that may include: Click here for facts about Hackensack, NJ.

Mediating Child Custody and Parenting Time

Of all the issues that frequently arise during a divorce, child custody, and parenting time are often among the most difficult to resolve. Parents love their children, but during a divorce, it can be easy to convince yourself that the other spouse uses the kids as leverage or will not be a good parent for them as they grow up. Divorce mediators will help quell these emotions with a comprehensive approach that emphasizes cooperation and mutual respect. Information about What You Should Not Believe About Divorce Mediators can be found here.


Mediating the Division of Marital Assets

If you and your spouse have been professionally successful during your time together, you will likely have amassed significant assets between the two of you. Because divorce mediation focuses on compromise and discussion, rather than a scorched-earth policy of domination, dividing your assets fairly becomes far easier and less stressful. 

Mediating Child Support and Alimony

Another contentious issue in any divorce is alimony, otherwise known as spousal support. Similarly, child support can spark disagreement and frustration among divorcing spouses. Divorce mediators can handle alimony issues far better than a more combative dispute resolution process.

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