What You Should Not Believe About Divorce Mediators

People hold different opinions regarding divorce mediators. While some people say the whole process is never efficient, the truth is that it is and works way better than other methods like litigation. Some of these misconceptions have made people ignore the essence of a divorce mediator but in a real sense, it is not a good move. Nonetheless, below are some misguided opinions that you should never believe when looking to get a divorce mediator’s services. See more here.

Mediation Won’t Work in High-Conflict Cases.

The most common misconception from people about divorce mediation is that they believe it is only suitable for very amicable couples. Their perception is that since they are not getting along very well with their spouse, they can’t sit down together and discuss anything, let alone their money and children. Mediation is very well suited to helping parties in high conflict work through their differences and finding a reasonable solution. Read about Tips to Hiring a Topnotch Divorce Mediator here.


The Mediator Makes Decisions for You

The mediator will act as a quasi-judge and tell the people what they are going to do is another very common misunderstanding that we hear about the divorce mediation process. One of the mediation process’s greatest advantages is that the parties themselves retain control over all decisions made and agreements reached.

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