How to find a divorce mediator

Check internet

Visit the mediators’ website to get direct links to divorce mediators. The world-wide website gives you the chance to trace global and highly experienced mediators. You can also visit divorce websites to keep in touch with highly competent divorce mediators. See further information here.

Contact national mediation and family organizations

You can also find competent divorce mediators by contacting the family organizations and national mediation organizations. You can contact them through phone calls and emails.  Family organizations also include conflict resolution associations and family associations, and conciliation courts. Learn more about Types of divorce mediation


Contact your community mediation center

It is easy to find a divorce mediator by contacting the mediation center in your neighborhood. The mediation center is capable of recommending the best divorce mediator. The mediation center helps you find out the cost of mediation and whether your case may be appropriate.

Call your local legal aid office

This may help you find the best and experienced divorce mediator. The legal aid office might use legal procedures to direct you to the right mediator. With legal aid offices, cases of lack of integrity are minimal due to legal restrictions. You can also call your local bar association and financial professionals.

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