Core values of divorce mediation


In a divorce mediation process, both parties should have the ability and power to make decisions on their own instead of giving the powers to the neutral party. Mediators should not be decision-makers. Instead, they should initiate the agreement to be reached. Find further facts here.


In some cases, divorce mediation is not appropriate. If there is any risk of insecurity or order of protection, then the mediation process should cease with immediate effect. Alternatively, the mediation process should be virtual in cases where there is a high risk of insecurity. Read about When should you avoid Divorce Mediation here.


Mediators should be able to the quality and standards of mediation sessions for every party. To achieve this, mediators may come up with their own rules and regulations to maintain and protect the quality of the mediation process. If one party fails to abide by the rules, then the mediator has a full mandate to postpone the mediation session.


 Mediation is voluntary. The fact that one showed up to the mediation session does not mean that they will automatically come back. Therefore, it is important that each party recognize they attended mediation voluntarily and leave at their pleasure. Parties attend mediation sessions simply because they have chosen to.

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