Instances Where Divorce Mediators Can Recommend Virtual Sessions

Ideally, divorce mediators use different techniques to solve their clients’ needs. While in most cases, the recommended form is a physical meeting, new methods like virtual sessions are taking shape and are even getting popular. With the COVID-19 situation, online divorce mediators are using more of this side of service delivery. Part of this is because it is cost-effective, fast, and offers tremendous convenience. Alongside the benefits, it would be an excellent idea to understand the ideal instances when divorce mediators recommend online services. Learn information about Hackensack, NJ here.

Physical Constraints

Technology is here to solve problems, and one of them being the need to narrow the physical gap. The fact that couples are not around or when the mediator is not around doesn’t mean the mediation process should stop. By using the online platforms, the parties can have a mediation session successfully regardless of the distance. Click here to read about the Benefits of Using Virtual Divorce Mediators.

Couples Don’t Want to Meet

If there was one instance where online divorce mediators have come a long way to be of good use, is the case where couples don’t want to see eye to eye. As you may know, some divorce cases are so heated up that any interaction can lead to physical assault and it is only advisable to use the virtual method to avoid such scenes. 

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