Divorce mediation

Divorce mediation is a way of finding a solution to conflicts between spouses. These conflicts may include child issues or spousal support. There is always a third sent by divorce court that assists in reaching a mutual agreement. Both parties are allowed to present their lawyers during the mediation process. Further facts about Hackensack, NJ can be found here.

Advantages of divorce mediation

Saves time and money: Unlike family court, which involves various procedures, mediation will take the shortest time possible to protect you from spending a lot.

Fair solution: The mediator has no interest in the outcome; hence it is the spouses to reach a mutual agreement that favors them both.

Confidential: Unlike Family court, where you will expose all your family issues during clarification, divorce mediation is very private.

The couples are in control of the agreement, unlike where you follow the court order. Information about Qualities to look for in a mediator can be found here. 

Disadvantages of divorce mediation

The process is not legal; hence one party can take advantage of the other, and no action will be taken. This may be in the form of hiding some properties which were equally contributed by the couples.

Mediation process always levels the ground for both parties even if one party was severely abused, with potential severe actions. This leaves the abused party to look like a failure.

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