Qualities to look for in a mediator

Mediation is a voluntary process of solving conflict peacefully without necessarily involving the court. A mutual agreement can only be reached if you seek help from a qualified mediator who will not take sides during the process. The mediator can use his/her wit to generate solutions but has no authority to decide who is wrong and right. These are some of the qualities to look for in a mediator. Visit this link for more information.


A mediator must be able to show his or her professional performance. You should also be able to assess their accurate capabilities and see whether he or she can handle complex cases and concepts. A mediator must, at all time be consistent for a successful mediation process. Read about What makes a good mediator here.


An objective is always set before the beginning of the mediation. An experienced mediator must always maintain the purpose until the end. The questions asked by the mediator must vary and aim at reaching the set goals.


A mediator must be adaptable to various traits of people they will meet during the mediation process. They must adapt to the different environmental conditions as travelling to a new place as the need may require.


A good mediator must be able to persevere in situations such as opposition to reach a mutual agreement. 

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