What makes a good mediator?

 A good mediator must undergo thorough training and gain the necessary skills required for the mediation process. Although training is essential, the ability to create a rapport between the two parties is very crucial and leads to effective mediation. Hackensack, NJ can be seen here.

The parties need to gain trust and confidence, but this can only be achieved through a genuine rapport. Before settling the matter at hand, the parties must feel that their ideas and scenarios are adequately understood. It is after this that the mediator can chip in to look for a solution through interrogating them so that they can understand each other well. Click here to read about Mediation Process.

An observer is critical in these cases since the parties may not explain what happened. The mediator should ensure that the parties leave their feelings aside once a mutual agreement reached as this ensures that all parties honour the deal and to deepen their commitment.

From the explanation above, we can learn some lessons which are essential even when you do not require a third party. The crucial role of mediation is building a working relationship after the settlement. The mediator and the contesting parties must consider trust issues to avoid manipulation of the process.

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