Mediation Process

Unlike other dispute resolution methods, mediation can involve informal ways to solve the conflict. Here are some of the procedures to follow during the undertaking. Learn information about Hackensack, NJ.   


The mediator directs the parties on the meet place and advises them on who should be present, depending on the complexity of the case. The parties also get time to gather enough information and hire lawyers in a complicated situation. Discover facts about Roles and duties of mediators.

Mediator’s introduction

After gathering in one room, the mediator introduces himself/herself. He/she proceeds to introduce the conflicting parties after that outlines the process and rules of engagement. The mediator then expresses the ultimate goal at the end of the process, before agreeing on a consultation fee. 

Opening Remarks

After the mediator’s introduction, each party is allowed to describe the issue at hand. During this process, the parties may express feelings that should not be used as the focal point of reference. No party should be allowed to interrupt the other unless it is question time.

Joint Discussion

In this stage, the mediator and the parties are free to ask questions to get more clarification. The mediator should, at all times, act neutral.


In cases of high emotions from conflicting parties, the mediator may be forced to split them into different rooms.


In this last stage, the mediator may lead the negotiation process to come up with a common ground.

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