The Best Sports Bars in Carlstadt, New Jersey

We all need a chance to unwind and let loose. Everyone has their own way of doing this. Some people would rather go down by the park. Others prefer to go home and spend time with their kids, while others use sports as an escape. Now, if you can’t make it to a stadium or arena to watch your preferred game live, sports bars offer the second-best option. Here you will find other fans that share the same passion, and the atmosphere tends to be electric. If you are looking for such a sports bar while in Carlstadt, New Jersey, the following options are worth checking out. Learn more here.


Victory Sports Bar

Just three minutes away in East Rutherford, the Victory sports bar is the best place to catch the races while in New Jersey. They have a nice sitting area on the rooftop where you can watch the races and also enjoy beautiful views of New York City. See here for information about The Best Pizzas in West New York, New Jersey.

Redd’s Bar & Restaurant

Located on 317 Washington Ave, Redd’s is very popular with college football and NFL fans. They have a very good selection of beers as well as a diverse menu featuring some tasty cuisines. The great service is also worth a mention.



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