Scenic Places in Alpine, New Jersey Worth Checking Out

Nature has a lot to offer other than just being the habitat of some living organisms. It is usually calming, relaxing, and very aesthetically pleasing. Many people tend to feel at peace by just driving or walking through a leafy park, and we’ve also seen how a lot of people love to walk up a hill just to look at the view down below. Now, if you are in Alpine and are looking for one of these places, you might want to check out the following. See further information here.


State Line Lookout

Overlooking the Hudson River and providing a distant view of the Tappan-Zee bridge, the State Line Lookout offers some of the most picturesque views in New Jersey. It gets even better when you hike the Giant Stairs Trail because you’ll have a better view of New York City. During certain seasons, there are plenty of birds flying around, which just adds to the whole experience. Learn more about Popular Theatres in Bergenfield, New Jersey.

Alpine Lookout

Another lookout on your way North, the Alpine lookout isn’t any different from the State Line Lookout in terms of scenic viewing. Early in the morning, you can catch breathtaking views of the sunrise and the Hudson into Yonkers.


Both of these lookouts are nothing short of magnificent, and choosing one wouldn’t be fair at all. You have to experience both because they are unique in their own way.


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