Divorce Mediation

Divorce is difficult and emotional for all involved and can involve destructive conflict and unsatisfactory communication. A family-centered process, divorce mediation can provide a safe setting for parties to communicate. During divorce mediation, an impartial third party meets with a divorcing couple, offering their aid and expertise to help create a mutual and informed agreement concerning the terms of the separation.

How It Works

In divorce mediation, the parties communicate their needs and interests with each other, reducing the tension and trauma of divorce. Focusing on principled problem solving such as fairness and self-determination, divorce mediation works toward resolutions that are in the best interest of all family members.

When experiencing a divorce, New Jersey couples may desire to seek a New Jersey divorce mediator in order to achieve a sense of wholeness after the emotional and financial chaos of ending their marriage. An informal process, divorce mediation allows each spouse to view the other in a new way, setting aside the adversarial viewpoint that so often accompanies this difficult time. The parties themselves are in control during divorce mediation, and the couple works together to find the best way to separate. When a couple decides that a divorce is the best option for them, New Jersey divorce mediation can allow them to negotiate their own agreement.

Divorce Mediation Experts Can Help

Qualified divorce mediators have the skills and expertise to help couples as they adjust to this new phase in their relationship. As the parties shift into their new roles, divorce mediation can help them to develop new and productive ways of communicating and problem-solving during all stages of their divorce proceedings. A cost effective and efficient option for maneuvering the different stages of divorce, divorce mediation takes significantly less time than litigation, and the total cost will be much lower as well, since separate lawyers will not be involved.

Divorce Mediation in New Jersey

“The Berner Law & Mediation Group is a uniquely focused law practice to offer you a number of advantages over traditional ways of divorcing, among them cost-effectiveness, durability, and a process that promotes respect instead of prolonging hostility.”

Founded with a specific focus in mind, the Berner Law & Mediation Group helps individuals and families reach resolutions together. Directed at problem solving versus destructive conflict, the Berner Law & Mediation Group is dedicated to their client-centered approach, creating a safe and trusting space for each individual involved.

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