Places Worth Checking Out in Englewood Cliffs, NJ for Nature Lovers

Nature can be one of the most soothing and calming things on this earth. A short stroll to the park or a nature walk exploring the most beautiful sites can work magic when it comes to stress relief. In addition to that, it gives you a chance to be with yourself and unplug from the noise and hectic schedule most people have to deal with. Englewood Cliffs have plenty of sites that nature lovers can visit, and you are guaranteed to love each one of them. Find more information here.


Rockefeller Lookout

Located on the Palisades Interstate Pkwy 1 mile north of Parkway Exit 1, The Rockefeller Lookout provides an ambient place where you can just relax and unwind. The park itself is somewhat therapeutic, with a clear pathway that offers breathtaking views of the skyline. See here for information about Nature Parks in Demarest, New Jersey Worth Checking Out.

Flat Rock Brook Nature Association

If you would rather engage yourself in something more engaging like hiking, then the Flat Rock Brook Nature Association provides ideal grounds for that. If you decide to take on one of their trails, you will pass a cascading stream, pond, wetland, and other natural features that provide for good viewing.


Both these places provide an excellent outdoor getaway where you can just relax, unwind and be one with nature.


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