Museums Worth Visiting in Hackensack, New Jersey

Everyone loves a good museum tour. Whether it is a historic museum, art museum, science museum, they always provide an excellent learning opportunity, and you are guaranteed to walk out feeling a little bit more knowledgeable than you did when you entered. New Jersey has lots of museums, and there are particularly great ones around the Hackensack area. Next time you are in that part of town, be sure to check out the following museums. More facts can be seen here.


The New Jersey Naval Museum

A well-known military museum, The New Jersey Naval Museum is dedicated to New Jersey’s Navy heritage and naval history in general. It provides an excellent learning opportunity, especially for the kids to know all about the navy with interesting stories about how they would operate in hardships. Definitely not one to miss. Learn more about Ideal Shopping Destinations in Garfield, New Jersey.

Artistic Giraffe Art Studio

This one is for art lovers. If you appreciate a little bit of contemporary art mixed with classics, you have to stop by the Artistic Giraffe Studio. They have located in the middle of the revitalization section of Main Street in Hackensack and host paint parties. They tend to be mad fun and offer entertainment for all sorts of audiences.


If you love museums, a tour to New Jersey would be incomplete without visiting these two spots.


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