How long can Divorce Mediation take?

Unlike divorce lawsuits in courts that might last years, divorce mediation might only take weeks or even months to end. It is also considered a less expensive approach to resolving couples’ conflicts. The time spent in mediation might be long or short, depending on the following factors. See more here.

Disagreements and Agreements

The easier the agreements, the faster the mediation process. Faster agreements enable divorce mediators to handle many issues in fewer sessions. See here for information about 3 Simple Tips for a Swift Divorce.

Available Assets and Debts

How many assets are available for division? The more assets you have, the lengthier the mediation. You will also need to check for available debts and find a way to settle them. To simplify the mediation, all parties should be honest and give all the required financial information. 

Child Custody and Visitation time

Coming up with and following co-parenting roles proves difficult for most spouses. A mediator may help you come up with a plan that is suitable for both of you. 

Child Support and Spousal Support

Divorce mediators use state guidelines to determine child and spousal support. They may also base on other financial aspects such as medical requirements or special support for children with special needs. 

After reaching an agreement on the above issues, the mediator drafts an official Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) and presents it to a court. 

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