Hackensack, NJ Is a Museum Trove

Hackensack, NJ is Chock-Full with Museums

Some people find spending time or visiting museums to be so dull. Others also find them just amazing, and others have never visited even one. If you are in the latter category and you find yourself in Hackensack, you do not want to miss the chance of having a taste of museum fun. That is because the museums here are different. Here are some of the best you must never miss visiting. Information can be found here.

Maywood Museum

Also known as the Rail museum, this is a fantastic place to interact with an array of rail artefacts. It features a restoration of its primary components such as woodwork and other station furnishings. These collections involve ancient tools and items that were used in the station such as telegraph keys, station agent’s desk, freight scale and a potbelly stove. See here for information about Iconic Sceneries in Hackensack, NJ.

New York Jersey Naval Museum

This is the home to the World War II submarine (USS Ling), a Balao class submarine and several smaller water vessels. If you are a naval enthusiast, this is necessary visit place to enjoy the hands-on experience on giant subs. You will be sure to enjoy guided tours in them with endless lessons about the Vietnam and Civil wars. Aircraft are also here for you to explore. 

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