What you need to know about mediation and its benefits

Mediation is the process in which conflicting parties discuss their dispute and reach an agreement in the presence of a neutral person (mediator). Mediators are well trained to handle conflicts in a peaceful way. The process can be informal between the conflicting parties and the mediator or through a formal conference. Mediation may involve pending cases in a court of law or an already filed lawsuit. In most cases, mediation applies to disputes that do not require complicated procedures and evidence issues. It should be noted that the mediator has no power to render a verdict; it is the conflicting parties to come up with a mutual agreement as the mediator moves the process. As such, you should only seek help from an expert mediator who has undergone serious training in this field. Learn more here.

Benefits of the mediation process

There are a lot of benefits that come with the mediation process. The end process is always peaceful since no party is forced to comply with the verdict; hence, it preserves an excellent relationship. The process is also affordable as there is no hiring of lawyers and travelling to court to present his/her case. Finally, there is confidentiality as it involves private sessions. Learn more about Elder and Family Mediation.

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